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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Washington Post Blogger's Summitt

There seems to be a lot of buzz around the blogosphere about the recent Washington Post Blogger's Summit. You can read the details and some first hand accounts at Marc Fisher's blog on, DC Met Blogs, and Yeah I Said It (Side Note: See what a good blogger, I am, linking to other people's blogs in hopes of shamelessly generating traffic back to mine).

So, let me start by getting my cool points in and saying, "Yes, I was there too.". Although I just sat there like a lump on a log and didn't ask questions or make any interesting comments - which is probably why Marc Fisher didn't link to me in his litany of blogs links, but maybe if I just keep linking to his story, then karma will catch up to me down the road.

Anyway, my point to this post is this, WHERE ARE ALL THE ARLINGTON BLOGS? There was a lot of participation from DC oriented blogs focused on certain neighborhoods, cycling, the creative side of DC, and more. I know D.C. is bigger, but come on Arlington, where are you? I know about The Green Miles, and the Buckingham blog - whose name alludes me and I can't seem to find at the moment.

But there has got to me more people out there writing, not just in Arlington, but about Arlington.

So, Arlington bloggers, where are you? Post your link in the comments. I want to hear more from the Arlington side of the river.


Blogger Miles said...

Here's the Buckingham blog ...

And here's another Arlington blogger ...

5:25 PM


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