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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Public Skate at IcePlex

I just returned from checking out the public skate session at the IcePlex in Ballston. My general impression - it is just so cool that this is in Arlington! (no pun intended on the "cool" ... ice ... get it ). It was crazy packed, holiday music was playing; it was just a great fun atmosphere.

Some details: I don't recommend these daytime public skate sessions during the holiday break. There were a kazillion kids there - which if you have kids, might be good; for me, not so good. Crowds are fun, but personally I prefer it to be more adult oriented. Kids can be fun to watch, but this was almost all kids. There are plenty of other options though including some adult only sessions - just check at the schedule at

So, I highly recommend you checking it out. The facility is really nice and ice skating is really fun and it's just really exciting that we have this in Arlington. OK, I probably sound a little overboard here, but really it's fun.

See you on the ice!

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