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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Eagle Hike This Saturday

This is a head's up for an event that I really wanted to put in the newsletter, but just didn't have space for.

Eagle Adventure

Saturday, January 6

9:00 AM - 1:oo PM

"Join naturalist staff on this excursion to Mason Neck State Park to visit
the Bald Eagle breeding grounds! A short hike will allow us to view these
majestic birds at other wildlife. Vans leave from Long Branch Nature Center
or will pick up from Ballston Metro with advanced notice. $15 fee.
Registration required. Call 703-228-4747 to register."

Sounds like fun and it looks like Saturday is going to be a nice day fora hike - the forecast is for 68 degrees!


Blogger Miles said...

Crap, I'm busy on Saturday ... but thanks for the heads up about the park, I'll definitely head down there for my next hike!

10:54 PM

Blogger Eric said...

I'm a big fan of Mason Neck - and it's a pretty close. You can rent canoes and paddle around - there's some cool wildlife (birds), including eagles. Supposedly this time of year is the best time to see eagles becuase there are no leaves on the tree, and it's there nesting season (or something like that)

11:02 PM

Blogger Miles said...

My Saturday plans fell through, but I just called and the hike is already full! As Spaulding Smails would say, turd!

8:23 PM


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