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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Review: We (Really) Like the Pike

Quick review for a quick stop by.

Last week I stopped by the "We Like the Pike" event at Arlington Cinema Drafthouse. The event was billed as a celebration of the Columbia Pike community, complete with live music, free buffet, and free tickets to a future movie at the Drafthouse.

And holy cow! Rarely does an event under bill itself. When I heard "free buffet", I expected chips -- not sandwiches and pizza - free tickets to the Drafthouse, yes! The only thing I'm not sure about was the live music - I only had about 15 minutes (nice free dinner, wasn't expecting that) and I got there during the "talking heads", (not these Talking Heads) part.

And there were a ton of people there. People must really like the Pike. I like the Pike too - there's some cool "hidden" restaurants there, Towers Park, and I think lots of things are up and coming -- trolley system anyone?

Note: Photo by Jess J



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