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Monday, March 05, 2007

Review: CRM's Wake Up from Winter

One volunteer sent in a review of Wednesday's "Wake Up from Winter" event, organized by Arlington County's Community Role Models program at Bailey's in the Ballston Mall:

CRM hosted a happy hour on Wednesday night at Bailey's which turned out to be a great event that brought a number of young people out to meet each other and find out more about the group. The 20 or so people who made it to the event took part in free pool and appetizers (provided by Bailey's) while learning more from current members. Several other Bailey's customers were interested in the event which provided a great opportunity to spread the word.

I think my experience at the happy hour was typical in that I am a casual member of CRM and I found out which CRM events were coming up. I also invited some volunteer-oriented friends who did not know that the group even existed. They were particularly interested in CRM's youth-mentorship activities such as their July Jam basketball tournament last year. This type of warm-up event is great for introducing your friends to CRM for people who don't already know someone who volunteers with CRM as this is a casual way to meet other members before the actual volunteer events.

If you attend an event you saw on What's Up Arlington, please send us a review and we may post it here!

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