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Friday, February 23, 2007

Winter (Ice) Biking

A few weeks ago, I wrote in the What's Up! newsletter about winter, or ice biking. The following post is from Paul DeMaio, avid biker,braver to the cold weather than I, and a regular contributor to the Commuter Page Blog:

Get Ready for Spring
The winter doldrums are beginning to melt away with each day, longer than the previous. The month-long pounding of below-freezing temperatures are hopefully over. It's not spring yet, but these last few weeks of winter and early spring can still be cold until the flowers start a'popping. Don't let this prevent you from riding your bike early. With a few strategic pieces of warm clothing, start bike commuting or riding for fun NOW.

First, I highly recommend getting a bike cap, skullcap, or even bike yarmulke, as I like to call it. As we lose much of our body heat from our head, keeping it in will keep you toasty. You wear it under your helmet as it's thin and well worth the $15 it'll cost you. In fact, Performance Bike has one on sale for $10.

Second, long johns are heaven-sent. I didn't start wearing them until this winter and they're so warm that I could stand another month of these temperatures. What? Winter's still one month to go? I'm all set. Long johns are not as tight as spandex and meant to be worn under your pants as a baselayer. For about $35 from Patagonia, it's well worth the investment and you can wear them when you're not biking too.

Finally, get your bike tuned-up. The bike shops are only going to get busier when the weather gets nice, so visit your local bike shop soon before their bike mechanics get backed-up with requests. Arlington and the region have great bike shops and I'm sure they'd be happy to get you and your bike ready.

-- Paul DeMaio


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