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Monday, February 26, 2007

Cross Cultural Cinema Tops Netflix

You may know from previous posts what a big fan I am of the cross-cultural cinema series (CCC) at Arlington Central Library. Recently, I found out not only what a great program this is, but that is isn't easily reproducible.

The Beginning

So, this past Thursday I was all set to go check out A Place of Our Own - this month's featured film. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying much attention to my calendar, and I promised the girlfriend that I would help her with stats for the PhD program she is in. Well, I know I preach that you should get out and do stuff as much as you can even when you may not totally feel like it, but there are certain priorities that trump that and this is one of them.

The Solution

But with all the Oscar buzz this weekend, I was feeling really bad about missing the movie. Then I had a great idea ... I may have missed the big screen, snacks, and discussion of CCC, but I could still watch the movie. After all, CCC always has great, thought-provoking movies. Netflix to the rescue!

The Solution Fails

Netflix has everything ... or so I thought. But not this movie - Netflix states "Release date not known; availability is not guaranteed." What! What? Netflix doesn't have it; Netflix has everything!!

Lesson Learned

Pay attention to your calendar. Schedule around CCC. Next CCC, Tuesday, March 13, 6:30 PM - Through Deaf Eyes. See you there!


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