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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Does Crystal City Rock?

Does Crystal City Rock? That was the question I set out to answer this past Sunday at the annual Crystal City Rocks festival.

There were essentially two parts to the festival - music and food. (a good combination!). I really liked the way the food was set up - lots of Crystal City restaurants with tables set up and small tastings for $1.00. I liked that I could sample lots of different restaurants without my wallet being quickly emptied. So, first question, does Crystal City food rock? Answer: Yes.

Part two (well, part isn't exactly an accurate term since everything was going on at once), but you get the idea, was the music. I had a soccer game earlier in the day and got to the festival later than I would have liked and missed Kenin - which was too bad because I was really looking forward to that. While it's always nice to have a larger name headline, I really like the experience of discovering new music. I hadn't heard Kenin, but had heard good things about them, but I digress. If anyone out there got a chance to see Kenin, or had seen them before, please leave a comment.

I did get there in time for the headline act - Vertical Horizon. Vertical Horizon is one of those bands that I knew I knew, but didn't really know what I knew. Make sense? Anyway, if you are in that situation too, let me help you out ... He's everything you want, He's everything you need ... but he means nothing to you and you don't know why. And there's the little twist at the end, where the "He" becomes "I". It's a good song, I like it. And Vertical Horizon sounded good. They are what I would describe as basic top 40 pop, but as that genre goes, they're good - and hey, it was free. So does Crystal City music rock? Answer: Yes.

I have to say, though, the thing I was most impressed with was just Crystal City itself. I don't go down there that much because, well, why? But it's really changing. There are lots of nice, fun restaurants, and a really cool outdoor park area to sit in. It's not all the underground blah, that I associate with Crystal City. So if you're looking to head someplace different, one night, try Crystal City.


Blogger Kathryn said...

I missed the event but can give a huge endorsement of Kenin live... love those kids... have seen them at festivals, 9:30 Club, and more. Also, the lead singer Sean Gaiser just released a solo cd. All great stuff.

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