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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mardis Gras in Clarendon

Mardi Gras in Clarendon. This may become a recurring them in this blog, but let me start by saying - to steal a bit from Nike - Just Do It - if you see something that you think might be fun, do it. Don't stay at home because your tired or have shows to watch (that's what Tivo is for) - get out and do it. You may be occassionally disappointed, but for the most part I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, I first have to confess I had low expectations. The combination of a small pardade, a slightly chilly night and the fact that Arlington never seemed like a real Mardi Gras type place to me all seemed to add up to what I thought would be a fairly uneventful night.

I was wrong - There was a real party going on in Clarendon last night! The parade was well-attended and people were loud and having a good time. Lots of people were dressed up (including lots of dogs - kind of funny) and people were screaming for beads. It was a lot of fun!

Ok, the parade was a bit short. More bands I say - I like marching bands. And props to Ballou High School for coming out. They were awesome. But even with a short parade, it was lot of fun, and a really fun atmosphere.

So, I say it again - just do it - get out there, explore, try new things, have fun. I suspect that most of the time you'll be glad you did.


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