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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Open Houses

Last Saturday (or was is the Saturday before that, I forget, anyway...) I headed out to check out some of the community center open houses in Arlington. I had been to these facilities before, but it was always for a meeting and so I had never really paid that much attention to what else was there. So, I thought this might be a good chance to really see what was there and what went out.

I started out at Langston-Brown which is the newest recreation center in the County. It's not a great location, near the corner of Lee Highway and Glebe - not far from Ballston, but not Metro accessible. The center itself, though, is really nice! I had always heard that the weight room was da bomb, but let me tell you it really is. (P.S. - I totally forgot to bring my camera - pictures coming soon on this blog, I promise!)You can get membership to the weight room (which also includes the gym - also very nice) for $105 a month for Arlington residents - good deal I think. No, it's not gigantic and you don't have a ton of computers and TVs for every bike or anything like that. But, in this case, I'd say you get more than what you pay for. For details, on how to get a membership, check out the website (p.s. - the website says coming soon, but it's there, I promise)

Langst0n is also a "green" building which I think is very interesting. I meant to take the tour to find it what makes it a green building, but, well, I forgot :-(

My next stop was Lee Center. Lee is primarily known for its master arts classes, geared towards advanced and professional artists. I have the same beast on Lee as Langston - location! Lee had several of their artists there showing off their craft. It was very cool, but I wasn't really sure what was there for me - and the answer is that there really isn't anything there for me. But if you happen to be a kick butt artist, then I recommend the classes at Lee. (at least they seemed pretty cool)


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