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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Other Places to find Arlington Info

This post started as some suggestions for finding other blogs related to Arlington stuff (see below). I just found this other site though that, while not exactly a blog, looks like a really good source of information about fun stuff going on in Arlington. It's called Backfence, and it's basically a place to post stuff going on in Arlington, find reviews, etc. I've only just started browsing around, but there's some cool stuff here. For example, I found one interesting discussion about the best place to play pick-up basketball in Arlington. So, if you're looking for other sources of info, check this one out, this one seems to be pretty good ... And now, back to my original tangent.

I don't know what got me started on this tangent, but I just got started thinking about what other blogs are out there about things going on in Arlington. So, I've been browsing around and thought I would share some of my findings. These are by no means comprehensive nor do they intend to be, just some interesting findings in a few minutes of crusing around. If you have something interesting to add, let me know.

  • DCBlogs - a really big list of blogs around the D.C. Metro Area. It's kind of fun to just pick a random one that sounds interesting and read it
  • DC Metro Blogmap - I just think this is cool. Pick a metro station from the map and see relevant blogs.
  • DCSportsChick - a good read if you are a sports fan
  • My Friend Darren - one Arlingtonian's take on where to eat, drink, and shop in Arlington

I guess that's really the summary - of course, there is always DCIst, and Rides in the City (not the most exciting subject, I realize, but Christina is a really good writer so it makes it worth the read).

Do you know of any good blogs about life in Arlington? If so, let me know - maybe we can starting posting them here as an aggregate spot. What do you think?


Blogger DCSportsChick said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! (Sorry, I've been out of town and still trying to catch up) :-)

12:03 AM


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