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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I went to this Introduction to Meditation Class. In the interest of full disclosure - it was actually in D.C. and the class was on Buddhist meditation - I'll get back to how this relates to Arlington, but anyway...

I was a little nervous. I'm not really a "meditative" type of guy. The Buddhist part didn't scare me. I'm pretty comfortable in a lot of environments, and Buddhists aren't really ones to try and convert you, so I figured that part would be comfortable. I just thought I would be bored silly and frantically staring at my watch counting the minutes until it was over!

On the flip side, I've always been interested in meditation - there is so much research out there on how it improves your health, helps you think clearer, make better decisions, and need less sleep. Although I don't really see myself as a "meditative" type guy, I wish, at least in some ways, that I was.

So the class started out with a little Buddhist philosophy. I actually have a Master's degree in religion (American religious history - that's another long story), so I knew most of that stuff, and I confess ... I zoned out through it -- maybe I was meditating already! Then we went in to different meditation practices. At this point, the religious aspects were dropped and it was just about different ways to meditate, best ways to sit, different techniques, etc. We did three 5 minute meditations (which went by remarkabley fast!) trying different techniques and that was the end of it.

The result -- I'm sold! I went home, and I felt incredible. I felt more awake, more energetic, more confident, and I slept great. It was phenomenal, and all from 15 mintues. I can't guarantee you would have that experience the first time or every time, but it was cool (and I tend to be pretty skeptical)

So, you ask, this blog is supposed to be about things to do in Arlington - how does this relate to Arlington? I'm getting there. Arlington is offering an upcoming 1-time Introduction to Meditation Class. The class is April 22 from 9AM - 12PM at Fairlington Community Center, near Glebe Rd, 395, and Shirlington. The cost is $38. Personally, I think that is rather expensive. But, on the flip side, it's a very safe environment - no religious affiliations and you know you're getting experts, no risk of some nut case teaching your class. For you, that may be worth the $38. If you're interested, you can register online. (FYI - the registration site is not that good, so just be patient and work you're way through it)

And even if you don't go to the Meditation class, I strongly reccomend trying out meditation for yourself, pick up a book, go to a class, whatever. It works, and it's pretty cool.


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