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Monday, April 03, 2006

An Afternoon with Community Role Models

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I hope this picture thing works. I tried once before and screwed something up. I'm generally pretty good with technology. I don't know why I'm having problems. Anyway,..

The picture here is from the recent Community Role Models - or for those of you on the "in" crowd - CRM for short - volunteer activity. In case you're wondering, I'm the guy in the red Nationals hat standing on the ground. If you read the What's Up newsletter regularly - and I know you do :-) - you'll know I give these guys a fair number of plugs.

For those of you who aren't familiar with CRM, here’s the quick 411. CRM is a group of 20s and 30s something committed to promoting and doing volunteer work in Arlington. Plus, they hang out and have a lot of fun in connection with the activity. That simple.

So I plug these guys for a couple of reasons. First, volunteering and making a difference in your community is a good thing. It's something we all, and definitely myself, should be doing more often. Second, it's a cool group of people. Volunteering with a CRM activity is like hanging out with some friends and having a good time - except as a bonus you are doing something really positive in your community.

The most recent CRM activity involved some painting and yard work and a home for disabled adults. It was a beautiful day and we really did make a huge difference in how the house looked. It was fun and productive.

I really recommend signing up for CRM activities. I put most of them in What's Up! or you can sign-up for their monthly e-update on their webpage. Check them out or as those in the CRM know would say "Get Up! Get Out! Get Involved! :-)

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CRM Rocks!!! Thanks for the props on your blog!!

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