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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scratch That. Long Lines For Early Voting, Too.

On Tuesday, I said that you could avoid long lines by voting early.

The lesson for What's Up Arlington readers -- never listen to me.

I just tried to vote in-person absentee (4:45pm on Thursday), but watched the line wind past the "30 minutes wait to vote from this point" sign, around the "45 minutes" sign, and beyond the "60 minutes" sign. I gave up and headed to King Street Blues for a Sam Adams Oktoberfest and some BBQ chicken sliders (wicked awesome).

Luckily, my job allows me some flexibility to come in late/leave early to vote, so I can vote on Tuesday. But if you need to vote in-person absentee, give yourself plenty of time and bring your iPod or a book! And for all the details on voting, early or otherwise, check out the Arlington County Election 2008 Survival Guide.

UPDATE: A friend told me that at 6pm, the line was over two hours long.

UPDATE 10/31 at 5:15pm: An Arlington Young Democrat who's waiting in line right now just texted me to say the line has now hit THREE HOURS long.

UPDATE 11/1: Five hours on Saturday.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Avoid Election Day Lines, Vote In-Person Absentee

Back in 2004, if you got to vote in Arlington on Election Day without having to wait in line for at least half an hour, you were one of the lucky ones. The Green Miles was lucky enough to be at the relatively quiet Lyon Park polling place, but friends in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor who tried to vote either first thing in the morning or after work who waited well over an hour.

The long lines put voters between a rock and a hard place. If you go in the morning and the line is out the door and around the block, do you tell your boss you'll be late? If it's in the evening, do you cancel your evening plans to shiver in line?

Fortunately, you don't have to choose. Arlington County is offering in-person absentee voting at 2100 Clarendon Blvd with extended hours on Thursday and Saturday. You can get all the details in the voter registration office's Arlington County Election 2008 Survival Guide.

I've heard lines can be long on Saturdays as well, but Arlington Young Democrats are hoping to encourage Thursday evening absentee voting with a happy hour this Thursday (Oct. 30) from 5-8pm at King Street Blues in Courthouse. Get voting out of the way early, then enjoy some free appetizers -- sounds like a pretty good deal. (For the record, there are no similar events listed on the Arlington-Falls Church Young Republicans website.)

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Reflections on Diversity

Thanks to all of the CRMers and everyone that turned out at Sunday's Diversity Dialogues. We had a great crowd and generated some lively discussion of issues that really matter to Arlingtonians.

Kojo kicked things off and his pointed questions and willingness to bring up potentially divisive issues really helped the dialogue get to a deeper level. This last dialogue was much better than the first one in my opinion.

Here's an example - at the first one everyone wanted to talk about the importance of diversity, the efforts they made to be diverse and pat everyone else on the back. At this one, a white woman in my group started out that way. She explained that she had moved her children to a more diverse school, had made significant efforts to meet people from different cultures and was basically trying real hard to be open minded and inclusive.
... But then she opened up and admitted to us that when she was bike commuting once, she was locking up her bike and a black man approached her and asked if he could ask her a question. She was startled and afraid and told him to back off and that she was going to call security. He explained that he was security, he was just in between shifts (in casual clothes).
She of course apologized profusely and talked to him for awhile after that. He was not very fazed, saying that it had happened before.

That's the truth of the situation. Even with the best laid plans and intentions we still have underlying prejudices and sometimes crippling stereotypes.

I spent the rest of the dialogue asking people from all ethnicities how we can undo these prejudices since it is clear that our superficial efforts are not working.

Here are two observations / suggestions that were shared with me:
1. Tolerance is not acceptance. Tolerance is not enough because you are just allowing someone else to live their life even though you disagree with them or even hate them. We need to work to move beyond mere tolerance.
2. Prejudice thrives in ignorance. We will not be an inclusive community unless neighbors get to know neighbors. Introduce yourself, smile, invite someone over for a meal.

Not able to attend? Go to the Diversity Dialogues website for more information about the Task Force and ways to contribute your ideas.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hoppin' Hallow's Eve

Washington Post's city guide lists 6 Halloween events going on in Arlington. Not all of them are on Halloween itself ..
the first one starts tomorrow - the Zombie Prom at Galaxy Hut

What are you doing for Halloween??

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How The Economic Crisis Affects Arlington

So of course there's been lots of buzz about the economic crisis these days on the radio, tv, around the water cooler, and even in my sleep at this point.
What does it all mean for Arlington?

Well here's some of the good and the bad as I know it...

There are both good and bad reports coming in at Arlington County. In general the official word has been that there will be a 5% cut and that that will mostly be achieved through salary savings (not hiring new people/filling positions and encouraging early outs). In addition there will be some cutting back or elimination of non-mandated programs that were nice to haves rather than must haves.
County Manager Ron Carlee has been very firm about not doing a furlough and using staffing cuts or reductions as a last resort.
Basically, the impact will be limited in Arlington for the rest of this year. The true test will be the direction the economy takes and if more drastic measures will need to be taken in the future.

Business Week recently ran an article listing Arlington as their #1 city for weathering the recession based on our diversified economy with a heavy dose of government employees.

Well isn't that good news since I moved here to do just that!

That was the good news.
As far as the bad news...

Other local jurisdictions are not in nearly as good of shape. Loudoun is often mentioned as a nearby County with very serious economic woes. Fairfax is also feeling the mortgage crisis in a serious way since they have a larger portion of revenue from personal property tax. Montgomery County has planned a 2 Day furlough (according to presentation to MALGA on 10/16).
Everyone has hiring freezes in place...

Besides being concerned about our neighboring jurisdictions, what do harder economic times for our neighbors mean for us?

What are your concerns about the economic crisis? How does it affect young Arlingtonians?

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Chance to Attend Diversity Dialogues

This Sunday, Oct 26th from 1:30 -4:30 pm at Drew Model School is your last chance to participate in the Diversity Dialogues. Did I mention Kojo Nnamdi, host of WAMU 88.5's The Kojo Nnamdi Show, will deliver opening remarks?!

I don't know what else to tell you... meet lots of interesting people, make your voice heard to County Board, School Board, and other local leaders; eat some free munchies; expand your knowledge of who lives in Arlington and what's on their mind. This is a good thing to participate in and this is your last chance!

Afterwards, take in the Village at Shirlington with some ice cream from Maggie Moo's or a beer at Cap City.

Ways to get there?
Take the W&OD trail to its end at Shirlington Rd.
Drive (but be prepared to get there early since a huge turnout is expected!)
I believe the closest bus comes from Pentagon City metro and is the Art 82 Route

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did You Go to ATS?

I have to confess this event didn't interest me very much at first. But then I remembered how much fun I've had recently connecting with old friends from elementary school on Facebook.

And, I thought, if just 1 person reads the blog, goes to this event, and re-connects with someone from elementary school, it will be worth it.

So, if you went to Arlington Traditional School (ATS) and would like to help celebrate the 30th anniversary and perhaps connect with old friends, check this out ...


A countywide tradition since 1978, Arlington Traditional School (ATS) will celebrate its 30th anniversary at the school, 855 North Edison Street, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 2.

The celebration is open to ATS alums (1978-2008) and Arlingtonians of all ages. The event is free of charge.

Mingle with past and present ATS students, ATS families, and community leaders
Join ATS kids by participating in a school-wide community service fair
Walk through three decades of ATS history – come dressed in the style of your favorite ATS decade from the 70s to today
Enjoy seasonal refreshments

Guests are invited to bring donations of sample-sized toiletries, blankets, canned and boxed foods, and old towels for community service fair projects, benefiting Arlington-based national and international charitable organizations.

Visit for more on Arlington Traditional School and specifics on the 30th anniversary celebration

Tonight: ACE's "Hallowgreen" 30th Anniversary Gala

The Green Miles will be heading to the Hilton Arlington in Ballston tonight for Hallowgreen! It's the 30th anniversary gala for Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Program highlighting ACE’s 30 years
  • Live music by The Walkaways
  • Costume contest with cash prizes for:
    • Best Environmental Costume
    • Best Costume from Reused Materials
    • Best Student Costume
  • Eco-Horror displays
  • Silent auction
  • Stewardship awards
  • Cash bar
  • Refreshments (highlighting local and organic produce) catered by the Hilton Arlington
I'll be entering the "best environmental costume" contest but expect to be beaten soundly by someone much more creative than me. And if you're thinking about outbidding me for the autographed copy of An Inconvenient Truth, you'd better bring your checkbook.

Tickets will be available at the door:

- Single: $75
- Couple: $140
- Students (under 21): $10
- VIP: Single: $175 / Couple: $300

Steep by WUA standards I know, but at least they're practically giving away student tickets.

A major shout out to the sponsors of Hallowgreen: The Nature Conservancy, The Hilton Arlington, Ecoprint, Arbour Realty, The Cadmus Group, and Wild Birds Unlimited.

As much credit as the sponsors deserve, it's kind of surprising to see some big green businesses missing from that list. Where's EnviroCAB (EDIT: Envirocab was not a major sponsor but donated lots of gift certificates)? Where are those Fresh AIRE business champions?

Cross-posted from The Green Miles

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Duke Dog Hits Happy Hour in Ballston... again

Are you a JMU Alum? Or a friend / family / life partner of one? Then come join the MetroDukes and Duke Club for a happy hour tonight at Rock Bottom Brewery in the Ballston mall.

This is the third such Monthly "Madison Monday" and the first two were great hits with large attendance, drink specials, door prizes, and the latest news from JMU.

With Homecoming coming up on Halloween weekend, now is a good time to build up that JMU spirit and reconnect with some of your old friends or make new ones!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Music in Arlington

You know, Arlington has some great places to see live music. And I think, Iota comes in near the top, if not the top.

So, I don't generally promote specific shows, but this band sent me some stuff and it sounds good, so I thought I'd pass it on. I think I'll try to check them out myself. No guarantees, but it sounds like a good show to me.

Show details:

Saturday, Oct 18


21 and up

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Car Free! Finally...

Well it's done, I have moved to Falls Church, 1 mile from the East Falls Church metro and leaps and bounds closer to my work in Clarendon.

I celebrated this morning by biking to the metro. What a fabulous Fall day for it! There were beautiful red and orange leaves along my route, the temperature was perfect, and the traffic along the bike route was minimal. I can't wait to bike my entire commute!

The downside this morning was that I got lost. I got lost because to get from my house to the metro I have to bike through 3 different jurisdictions and each jurisdiction has their own bike map! Also I must say the Arlington County's bike map (from their Car Free diet series) is much better than the Fairfax County bike map (available at government buildings). It shows bike shops along your route, public restrooms, and dangerous intersections. I don't feel like I can trust the Fairfax County bike map because it shows Prosperity Rd as a "Preferred" road to bike on. I have never seen anyone bike on that road .. and for good reason! It is narrow, windy, steep, with no shoulders, and cars are always crossing the lines around curves and driving way too fast.

For interesting information on bike commuting, I like to read the CommuterPageBlog.

So anyways, if you see me rolling around in the bike pictured here please give me lots of room and be friendly =) I'm not by any means a hardened bike commuter yet and I could use some good will!

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Half Price Tickets for Arena Stage

Half price tickets to Arena Stage! You can't beat that.

I love Arena - isn't it cool that it's in Arlington for a bit.

This show sounds great too ...

Josh: The Quixotic Adventures of an UnlikelyActivist. A show about grassroots activism, politics, plus it's funny. Sounds great to me!

Special offer for readers of this blog. Did I mention half-price tickets?

To get your half-price tickets, enter code JOSH50 via online ticket purchasing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Economic Downturn Forces County Budget Cuts

With the financial crisis showing no signs of easing, Arlington County has just released the details of a round of budget tightening:

Arlington County Institutes Hiring Freeze, Spending Reductions

Addresses $10 million budget gap in FY 2009 and projected FY 2010 gap

Arlington, VA --- Arlington County Manager Ron Carlee announced today an immediate hiring freeze and other spending reductions – the first steps to addressing what is projected to be a $10 million gap in the FY 2009 budget. This $10 million gap represents 1.6% of the general County government operations budget.

In addition, the shortfall for the Arlington Public Schools, which receives most of its funding from the County, is currently projected to be $7.5 million in FY 2009.

In a memo to County employees, Carlee explained, “As the nation’s economy faces some very dramatic challenges, we have conducted a thorough review of the County’s budget, paying close attention to the needs of our residents. While Arlington is much better positioned than many local governments in the region, we are not immune to the economic downturn.”

The memo orders:

  • An immediate hiring freeze.
  • Elimination of discretionary spending, the details of which will be released over the next two weeks. Meanwhile, Carlee asked staff to question every expenditure.
  • A detailed review of every service to determine what is mandated, what is essential to the community and what is discretionary.
  • Examination of alternative ways to provide services at lower cost through consolidation, partnership, or contracting.

In his memo, Carlee noted that the County is required by law to maintain a balanced budget and said “[s]ome programs and service levels valued by the community will not be affordable in these times of retrenchment.” Early analysis indicates continued revenue shortfalls for FY 2010.

Carlee will provide a public briefing on Arlington’s fiscal condition during the October 22 Recessed County Board Meeting. The County Board will adopt FY 2010 budget guidelines at its November meeting. In December and January, Carlee will provide financial updates, and will present his Recommended Budget at the February County Board meeting.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Think I'll Park Riiiiiiight ...


Yes, the middle of the sidewalk on Wilson Boulevard will do just fine.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Arlington Takes Part in Walk and Bike to School Day

Just saw this post on a great new blog:

Arlington will celebrate International Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, October 8 this year. Throughout the entire month of October, many APS staff and PTAs will incorporate activities focusing on biking and walking into Arlington Public School curriculum.

Abingdon Elementary will be highlighted in 2008 in recognition of the school’s demonstrated commitment to walking as part of a healthy lifestyle.

County, APS officials, members of the media and other guests including RANGER RICK of the National Wildlife Federation will join Abingdon students and parents as they walk and bike their way to school together on October 8.

Get more details over at the Arlington Kids blog!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

CRM's Back At King St Blues Tuesday

CRM is a fun group of young people (20 and 30's) who are community-minded and like to both get out and volunteer as well as socialize.

This month's "monthly meetup" (happy hour) will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, October 7th, from 7-9 p.m. at King Street Blues in Courthouse. CRMers will be in the back bar (look for us wearing the green CRM t-shirts and if you have one, please wear it! King Street Blues is located at 2300 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA right outside of the Courthouse Metro Stop on the Orange line.

Because October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, our special guest will be Candice Lopez, the Community Education Outreach Manager at Doorways for Women and Families and the Co-Chair of Arlington's Project PEACE. She will be there to discuss what these two organizations are doing to address domestic violence in our community and she will have information on volunteer opportunities.

We will also have a representative from Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) to speak with those interested in energy policy and global warming. CCAN is the first grassroots non-profit to fight global warming specifically in Maryland, DC and Virginia. They will talk about how they plan to get Virginia moving toward a clean energy future and what the 1Sky platform means (for the country and specifically Virginia).

Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you there!

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Artistic Fundraiser for Tenant's Rights

OK, so this is a little pricey. But hey, it sounds like fun, and it's a fundraiser. So if tenant's rights is a cause you would like to give to, this sounds like a fun event.
Home is Where the Art Is

A Fundraiser for BRAVO, a tenants’ rights and advocacy organization

When: Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where: Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Boulevard
6:30 -8:30pm

Price: $65.00 in advance
Call 703-685-5100 or email:

What: An Artistic Fundraiser emphasizing the importance of home. The evening will be a fabulous feast for the senses! Attendees will taste delectable desserts served by the Arlington Catering Company, and be entertained by the lively and talented musicians of Arlington’s own Alcova Ensemble. A silent auction will also be held that evening; come view and bid on handcrafted works of art, and items or services to beautify the home – all to benefit the critical programs that BRAVO provides.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, October 3rd, 1:52pm: What's Up Arlington publishes "Breaking News: VA ABC Sticks Nose Into Shirlington's Oktoberfest"

Friday, October 3rd, 4:18pm:'s Going Out Gurus publish "Breaking News: Oktoberfest Crackdown"

I can only quote Chuckie from Good Will Hunting: You're suspect. Ya you.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Ask Josh Marshall.

Note -- the time on the footer of this blog is adjusted to Greenwich Mean Time to synch up with blog aggregators like If you don't believe me, check the time I posted the WUA link to my Facebook profile.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Breaking News: VA ABC Sticks Nose Into Shirlington's Oktoberfest

Thanks to commenter Joshua for the heads up on this. I just called over to Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington, which confirmed the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has suddenly placed new restrictions on Saturday's Oktoberfest.

In past years, a $25 admission would get you unlimited tastes of beer through the whole event. Cap City tells me they've been having the event for years and Arlington Police have never complained about it. But this year, the ABC has suddenly decreed that Oktoberfest can only give 10 taste tickets with admission and not sell any additional taste tickets above and beyond that.

To make sure customers get a good value even with the restrictions, Cap City is cutting the cost to $20 and offering $2 pints all day inside the restaurant.

Anyone who's been knows that Oktoberfest is one of Arlington's best events of the year. These restrictions will certainly keep it from being the all-day funfest it usually is, but it's definitely still worth checking out. It's where I discovered some of my favorite breweries, including Wolaver, Maredsous, and Shenandoah Brewing.

Now, about the ABC ... can anyone tell me what this agency does that a liquor tax and additional funding for local enforcement efforts couldn't? For all conservatives like to talk about the nanny state, why aren't they railing against this dinosaur limping along from the Commonwealth's teetotalling days? And if the ABC really wants to limit drinking, why can I walk into any ABC store and buy enough vodka to fill my bathtub?

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Army 10-Miler Road Closures

Just got this from
The Arlington County Police Department will close several streets near the Pentagon on Sunday, October 5, for the 24th Annual Army 10-Miler race. The race begins at 8 a.m. on Washington Boulevard, crosses the Potomac River into the District of Columbia, and ends in the Pentagon South Parking Lot.

The following roads in Arlington will be affected:

*Washington Boulevard (Route 27), between I-395 and Memorial Bridge, will be closed in both directions at 5:30 a.m.
*Columbia Pike, east of Joyce Street will be closed at 5:30 a.m.
*I-395 HOV southbound lanes will be closed at 5:30 a.m.
*S. Eads Street, from Army Navy Drive into the Pentagon/Northbound I-395 HOV lanes, will be closed at 4:30 a.m.

All of the roads should be reopened by noon.

In addition, access to the Pentagon Reservation will be restricted to “Authorized Vehicles Only” from 4:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Pentagon Employees must park at the North Parking Lots using the Boundary Channel Drive access points.

Runners, spectators and support personnel are encouraged to use Metro. The Pentagon and Pentagon City stations on the Blue and Yellow Lines are located within walking distance of the start and finish lines, and Metro will run extra service for the race. From 6 a.m. until the race begins, Blue Line trains will operate at 7.5 minute intervals, instead of every 15 minutes. The supplemental service will resume at the conclusion of the race, from approximately 11:15 a.m. to about 12:40 p.m.

For more information about the Army 10-Miler please visit the official website at


Thursday, October 02, 2008

How I Know Fall is Here

Some people know fall is here when the leaves change colors.

I know fall is here when it's too cold for Carpool to have the garage doors open:

Carpool's fun in the summer when there's a nice breeze blowing. But when the doors come down, it's a little too smoky to be enjoyable.

Oh well. I'm off to my walking-distance bar scene winter retreat -- the smoke-free places in Clarendon.

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A Vice Happy Hour Debate

NEW - the Washington Post City Guide just published another guide for the upcoming debates tonight and next Tuesday.
I have cut and pasted the Arlington relevant information here. See entire post here.

Here is a guide to Debate watching events in Arlington:

Busboys and Poets

All three locations of Busboys and Poets (14th Street, Shirlington and the new City Vista at 5th and K) are hosting watch parties with full sound. Ask about the special drinks created specifically for the occasion, like the "Obama" and the "Biden." U Street and Shirlington will have the debate on 10-foot projection screens, while City Vista will have it on all five TVs.

Summers Grill and Sports Pub
The "Non-Partisan Debate Watching Party" -- hosted by a McCain supporter and self-proclaimed Reagan Democrat -- splits Summers into two sides, with the Republicans in one room watching the event on Fox News and the Democrats on the other viewing CNN. Of course, the fun happens when seats are filled up and the Republicans have to squeeze into the Democrat side and vice versa. Attendees are requested to arrive by 7:30 to secure seats. One thing everyone can agree on: The restaurant will be non-smoking for the night.

Thursday's Partisan Parties
Bailey's Pub and Grille (Ballston)
The official (and smoke-free) gathering place for Arlington Democrats will play the debate on multiple TVs and feature games like buzzword bingo. Admission is free for members and $10 for everyone else, and that price includes one drink. Doors open at 8.

Bailey's Pub and Grille (Crystal City)
Bailey's Pub and Grille seems to be the fault line of Arlington politics. While the Democrats will be at Bailey's in Ballston, the Alexandria, Arlington and Falls Church Young Republican groups will be gathered in the back room of the Crystal City sports bar. An RSVP is requested to join the Republican event; admission is free and doors open for happy hour at 8.

The Latinas for Biden party in Guarapo's upstairs lounge kicks off with "music and mingling" from 7 to 9, and offers special drinks (including "shots of hope" and "shots of change") during the debate. Ladies receive gifts like lipstick, MAC cosmetics and hair products, though the event is open to everyone. There's a suggested donation of $25.

Tuesday's Partisan Parties
Bailey's Pub and Grille (Ballston)
Arlington Democrats are back for the presidential debate, with games in hand. Admission is free for members and $10 for everyone else, and that price includes one drink.

Some follow up from the Happy Hour Debate post...
Melanie let us know:
"Everyone who made it to the Arlington Dems party at Bailey's in Ballston knew they were at THE debate watch party in Arlington on Friday - and we'll be doing it again on Thursday, October 2 for the VP debate. Another perk besides the Obama-Biden friendly crowd? The debate watch parties are SMOKE-FREE events.

Check out all the details here or find us on Facebook and"

Know of a VP Debate watching event in Arlington (with or without a party affiliation)? Let us know!

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Want to Coach?

So I'm a big sports junkie. I love playing, and I love coaching.

If you are like me, and looking for a great way to give back to the community, how about coaching youth basketball?

Arlington Parks & Recreation is in need of basketball coaches for its upcoming season. It's not a huge time committment (2 practices a week until December/January, then 1 practice and 1 game), and it's a lot of fun and a great way to give back?

Interested? You can register to coach online here

Looking for more info on the program? Read all about it here.

Questions? Contact Marta Cahill at

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Toast to Ballston (Updated)

Good food. Good cause. What could be better?

“A Celebration of Good Food in a Great Place”

Monday, October 20, 2008
From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

ü Featuring delicious samples of fine cuisine from. Ballston and Virginia Square’s leading restaurants, paired with

ü Premium wines, handcrafted beers and spirits

ü Honorary Chair: J.C. Hayward, dvmOurTime

ü Admission only $65. Proceeds benefit the Arlington Food Assistance Center, feeding our neighbors in need, and the Ballston-Virginia Square Partnership

“Take a Bite Out of Hunger”


Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
Admission Includes:
Tapas-style portions of fine cuisines from premier restaurants in Ballston and Virginia Square - against a backdrop of the fascinating Fall Solos exhibition in the galleries of the Arlington Arts Center. Live music by Strolling Strings.
Premium wines, handcrafted beers and spirits
A souvenir wine glass
A donation to two great local organizations!

For more information and tickets,