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Friday, October 03, 2008

Breaking News: VA ABC Sticks Nose Into Shirlington's Oktoberfest

Thanks to commenter Joshua for the heads up on this. I just called over to Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington, which confirmed the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has suddenly placed new restrictions on Saturday's Oktoberfest.

In past years, a $25 admission would get you unlimited tastes of beer through the whole event. Cap City tells me they've been having the event for years and Arlington Police have never complained about it. But this year, the ABC has suddenly decreed that Oktoberfest can only give 10 taste tickets with admission and not sell any additional taste tickets above and beyond that.

To make sure customers get a good value even with the restrictions, Cap City is cutting the cost to $20 and offering $2 pints all day inside the restaurant.

Anyone who's been knows that Oktoberfest is one of Arlington's best events of the year. These restrictions will certainly keep it from being the all-day funfest it usually is, but it's definitely still worth checking out. It's where I discovered some of my favorite breweries, including Wolaver, Maredsous, and Shenandoah Brewing.

Now, about the ABC ... can anyone tell me what this agency does that a liquor tax and additional funding for local enforcement efforts couldn't? For all conservatives like to talk about the nanny state, why aren't they railing against this dinosaur limping along from the Commonwealth's teetotalling days? And if the ABC really wants to limit drinking, why can I walk into any ABC store and buy enough vodka to fill my bathtub?

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Blogger Chad said...

Email to complain about this

7:07 PM

Anonymous Jeremy said...

It's funny, because on the Shirlington Village Blog, a bunch of people were complaining about how disgusting and bad the Oktoberfest is. Based on what I've seen on that site, I wouldn't be suprised if someone (or many people, likely in the new Condos) called Arlington county and the ABC to complain.

It's really a bummer that some people can't let others have fun.

7:19 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Because politically drinking never seems to have supporters. You get the far right moralists who view drinking as evil, and the far left who view it as a "public health" thing (where you are saving people from themselves).

10:41 PM

Blogger joshua said...

Your welcome for the tip -- I had to let as many people know as I could when I found out. This is what I wrote at

My buddies and I didn't even bother to pay for the event. We went straight to the Cap City bar at noon for a good 3-4 hours. Unfortunately, not all of their beers were $2 like we had originally thought. The ones I really wanted were full price (Hefe, Belgium, and one other). Kolsch, Pale, Oatmeal, Oktoberfest were $2.

2:50 PM


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