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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mildred Muhammad Speaks Out

Last night, a few members of Community Role Models (CRM), including myself went to the Kick Off Event for Project Peace.

Mildred Muhammad, the former wife of the DC Sniper was the featured speaker and had a chilling and fascinating story to tell. Before we knew her former husband, John as the DC Sniper she knew him as a controlling and manipulative man who stole her children from her and threatened to kill her after she filed for divorce. Not the stereotype of a victim, Mrs. Muhammad did not have any physical scars and remained very in control and confident on the outside. Service providers often didn't believe her and no one was able to help her as she ran for her life.

Muhammad was an impressive speaker and inspiring in the way that she fought for her survival, persisted in the pursuit of justice, and is now using her experience to help victims of domestic violence.

For an article and video coverage on last night's event from Fox 5 click here.
For a better article about Mildred Muhammad from the Washington post click here.

What Fox 5 fails to mention is that the whole point of her appearance was to kick off Arlington's, Project Peace. A new Hotline: 703-24PEACE has been launched and there are several events coming up to raise awareness including:

Clothesline Project at Thomas Jefferson Community Center, Central Library, and Fairlington Community Center

October 16th Candlelight Vigil at Ft Myer (703)696-3512

CRM's next Meetup will be October 7th from 7-9 pm at King St Blues in Courthouse Plaza and we will have a guest from the Red Flag Campaign to speak about domestic violence awareness. Hope you can join us.

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