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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Car Free?

So, did you go car free or car lite yesterday?
Looks like theGreenMiles did: "I'll be Metroing from Ballston to West Falls Church, then taking the 952 bus out to the office in Reston. Takes a bit longer, but saves on gas, lets me catch up on reading, and keeps me from having to battle traffic on I66!"

And our fellow blogger Eric did: "I took the Metro to Pentagon, then the 22A bus to Shirlington - takes a little bit longer than driving, but is so much more relaxing (and cheaper!)"
As for myself, I chickened out on biking to the metro. Confession: although I work in Arlington I've been living way out in Fairfax. It is way too easy to make excuses and drive in Fairfax.

So what am I doing to reduce my carbon footprint? I'm moving closer to work! In a few weeks I will be living in Falls Church near the East Falls Church metro (and near bus lines and bike trails). No more excuses. I can't wait to bike, walk, and metro all around Arlington and Falls Church.

And now I've found out that I can keep up the biking at work with our new fleet of trikes!

Share your reasons or plans for going car free or car lite...

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