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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Car Free! Finally...

Well it's done, I have moved to Falls Church, 1 mile from the East Falls Church metro and leaps and bounds closer to my work in Clarendon.

I celebrated this morning by biking to the metro. What a fabulous Fall day for it! There were beautiful red and orange leaves along my route, the temperature was perfect, and the traffic along the bike route was minimal. I can't wait to bike my entire commute!

The downside this morning was that I got lost. I got lost because to get from my house to the metro I have to bike through 3 different jurisdictions and each jurisdiction has their own bike map! Also I must say the Arlington County's bike map (from their Car Free diet series) is much better than the Fairfax County bike map (available at government buildings). It shows bike shops along your route, public restrooms, and dangerous intersections. I don't feel like I can trust the Fairfax County bike map because it shows Prosperity Rd as a "Preferred" road to bike on. I have never seen anyone bike on that road .. and for good reason! It is narrow, windy, steep, with no shoulders, and cars are always crossing the lines around curves and driving way too fast.

For interesting information on bike commuting, I like to read the CommuterPageBlog.

So anyways, if you see me rolling around in the bike pictured here please give me lots of room and be friendly =) I'm not by any means a hardened bike commuter yet and I could use some good will!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll give you plenty of room if you don't run stop signs and red-lights. That is a huge problem around here with bikers: they refuse to follow the rules of the road.

6:34 PM


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