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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

State of the County

Arlington County Board Chair Paul Ferguson recently delivered his State of the County address. From the Arlington Connection:

Arlington County has been a national leader on environmental issues in the last decade while keeping its tax rate lower than most of its neighbors. However, it still has several chronic problems, such as a lack of affordable housing and lagging capital improvement projects.

This was the message from County Board Chair Paul Ferguson (D) in his State of the County speech last week."It will come as no surprise to you that I say that the state of the county is excellent," Ferguson said to a group of business leaders at a meeting of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. "But the statistics back me up on that."

Ferguson, who is not seeking reelection to the Board and instead is running for the Clerk of Courts position, cited Arlington’s solid financial footing as one reason that the county is in good shape.

So what do you think of the state of Arlington? Is the county doing enough to address affordable housing? Transportation? Global warming?

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Blogger Kinney said...

The state of Arlington is very good.

1:53 AM

Anonymous Mark said...

I love living in Arlington County. I can easily bike to work in DC and enjoy many cultural events here in the evenings and on weekends. However, housing is getting far too expensive for young professionals, much less new families and working-class people. Arlington needs MORE affordable housing options for teachers, fire/EMT/police and other service workers. Also, there is not enough enforcement of handicapped parking violations. The ACPD needs to be more proactive in patrolling and ticketing those who park in these spots illegally, especially around metro stations.

12:59 AM

Anonymous md said...

I think that the tenant-landlord code that applies in Arlington County is skewed in favor of landlords and should give more power to tenants who are being treated unfairly. Perhaps the County could interface with the landlord in a no-blame sort of way to save the tenant from having to make ultimatums or start a legal battle. I would also like the County Board to discuss rent control within Arlington if they haven't done so lately.

As for capital improvement projects, I hope that family-run businesses will not continue to be forced out by the encroachment of well-financed projects that end up stripping away the character and realism inside Arlington. Less can be better regarding the pervasive, high-density re-development of the area.

Thank you for giving us an easy way to offer input to the Board!

3:22 AM


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