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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yes we like to volunteer, but how do I do it?

The Post just ran an interesting story about volunteering in the D.C. area. According to the writer, we, Washingtonians, Arlingtonians, etc, have a high sense of civic responsibility and people who are passionate about causes that lead them to lend a helping hand. And, of course, as the article points out we also have a lot of type A personalities so we like to DO things.

I found the article very interesting and encouraging that people are engaged in their communities and looking to participate, not isolate. According to the Post:

Locally, however, it [a study by the Corporation for National and Community
] belied the notion that Washington area residents are becoming more
isolated and cut off from civic life as they spend more time in their cars,
struggling through the second-longest commutes in the country.

This is a great article, but I think for a lot of us, we want to volunteer, but don't always know how. There are a lot of great ways to volunteer in Arlington. But let me tell you
about one - and for regular blog readers, you probably know this already -- CRM.
CRM is a group of "young adults" (read 20s and 30 somethings) in Arlington who
are committed to volunteering, having fun, and connecting with others. Each
month they sponsor at least one volunteer activity, generally followed by some
sort of social outing. There are lots of different types of activities, so there
is bound to be something to peak your interest.

If you ask me why I like CRM, though, truth is, it's the people. It's a fun
group to hang out with and the bonus is you are helping out your community.

To get involved with CRM, visit their homepage. To read more about CRM activities on this blog, click here. And of course, as you will see from the post Miles just put up (sorry I missed it
before I started writing, you can also check out CRM tonight at the annual
summer celebration). See you there.



Blogger Belle said...

I'll have to look into CRM. Another good organization is one brick. The set-up is cool because they actually enlist volunteers to help with other organizations' events. You meet up with other One Brickers (usually in their 20s-30s, in my experience), and they usually make sure you all hang out after the volunteer event is over. There's also no minimum commitment, which is good for people who want to ease into the whole volunteering thing without feeling like a bad person if they decide something's not for them.

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