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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Free and Fun: Shirlington's Movies Under the Stars

Next week Shirlington's 4th Annual "Movies Under the Stars" kicks off on Campbell Avenue (formerly known as 28th St S)! They'll set up the big screen in front of Guapo's. Here's the schedule:

July 11 -- Happy Feet
July 18 -- Dreamgirls
July 25 -- The Devil Wears Prada
August 1 -- Night at the Museum

There's plenty of free parking after 5pm in Shirlington, or you can always bike or take the bus.

To find out more about what's going on in and around Shirlington, check out the Village at Shirlington's website.

How did I find out about all of the above? Through Arlington's most underrated website, Night Out in Arlington!

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Anonymous Katie D said...

Does anyone know if Shirlington is doing this again this year?

I found a lot of other outdoor movies in the area at

4:09 AM


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