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Monday, June 18, 2007

All the Arlington News You Care About - 6/18

Best Cities for Young Singles

Kiplinger's cites Arlington as one of the best cities for young singles.

Cherrydale Fire Station Relocation Takes Yet Another Turn

Probably not originally an interesting story, but there's been a lot of drama behind this fire station.

Crispy Pork Belly With Chili-Basil

A good recommendation from the Post regarding one of my favorite restaurants in Arlington - Bangkok 54

UK gov't promotes dumb terminals to cut global warming

OK, this isn't about Arlington, but given Arlington's interest in being "green", I thought this was an interesting story.

D.C. Hears Our Cries, Plans for Bicycle Rental Program
Again, not technically about Arlington, but I've heard some buzz about something like this potentially in Arlington, so I found this interesting.

To Boldly Go Beyond Vanilla

An article about Arlington trying to get more interesting architecture. I'm particularly found of some of the quotes from the County's chief architect, including this one: "Look at this one. It looks like something out of the Soviet Union"

Fit: By Land and Sea

Did anybody check out the bike racing action at Crystal City this weekend?



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