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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arlington = Hook Up Heaven?

So, Kiplinger's says Arlington is one of the best cities for young singles. Citing the large number of people age 20-34 (approximately 25%) Kiplinger's states:
The suburbs around D.C. are growing more like the city. Just across the Potomac River from D.C., Arlington is creating "urban villages" that are drawing young singles to the area.

Props to Kiplinger's for also citing one of the great places in Arlington, Lost Dog Cafe,

Try the "Cowgirl," one of 50 specialty sandwiches at Lost Dog Cafe, in Arlington, Va., where the menu boasts more than 200 beers from 18 countries.

The City Paper has also recently noted the Post's proclivity to tout Arlington as a place for singles. From the post, but as quoted in the City Paper:

“Mike Evans and his friends…had plenty of other activities to choose from—all within walking distance. There was open-mic night at Iota Club & Cafe, cooking lessons at Fresh Fields, a singles mixer at Whitlow’s on Wilson, movies, even shopping for used records and vintage clothes at shops open until 11 p.m.
All of that available on a Wednesday night in what Evans calls ‘the Research Triangle’ (read: great place to check out other singles), a five-block, fun-packed area around Wilson Boulevard.”
—“For Singles, Living It Up in the Suburbs,” by Emily Wax, June 28, 2001

So, I want to know what you think? Is Arlington a great places for singles? Does it compare to DC? Where's your favorite places to go for the singles scene?

Express yourself in the comments below.

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Blogger Daniel said...

Yes. Arlington is a great place for singles. Though I am currently not in the game (I think the GF would object) its a great town for young singles. There are tons of great bars, places to eat and things to do. And as a guy the ratios are in your favor.

2:53 PM

Blogger Eric said...

Your comment made me curious, so I looked up the demographics, between the ages of 20-34, Arlington actually has a slightly higher ratio of guys (although it's almost an even split). Are the girls just going out more?

2:56 PM

Blogger Miles said...

Hmmm, while Arlington certainly has a lot of young people (I think 80,000 of Arlington's 200,000 residents are between ages 20 and 40), so there are plenty of young professionals out there to meet, I've never noticed a slant towards more guys or more girls.

3:13 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Maybe its a regional thing... But it does make this a good area for single men. And of course as a guy I generally just filter out the men since that is not what I enjoy looking at... I probably only notice it when it gets disproportionate to a significant degree (ie... "are there any women in this bar at all?")

"For every 100 single women in Washington, there are only 93.4 men. That's just over nine-tenths of a man for every woman."

For This D.C. Woman, Nine-Tenths of a Man Is Not Good Enough

5:52 PM

Blogger Miles said...

Well that's good, because 9/10ths of The Green Miles is all any woman could handle! Yowza!

I can practically feel my girlfriend slapping me upside the head even as I type this.

7:24 PM


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