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Monday, June 11, 2007

All the Arlington News You Care About - June 1 - June 11

Washington City Paper
This is as much a beast on the Washington Post's obsessive coverage of Clarendon as anything else, but all the same the story's a decent snapshot of Clarendon.

Washington Post
I can't say an article about a local Treasurer's race would normally interest me, but this one just sounds like good old fashioned hard nosed local politics, and I found that interesting.

Sun Gazette
And the environmental movement marches on!

Washington Post
The Post Going out Gurus (always a worthwhile read), recommend Eat Bar for a night out in Arlington.

Sun Gazette
Quick review of the recent Community Bike Ride (as highlighted in the What's Up Arlington! e-newsletter)

Article about an Arlingtonian who recently ran the Frederick marathon while pushing a stroller! I'm impressed. This guy has also qualified for the Olympic Trails - interesting article.

What do you think? Do you like the classical format better than the all news one?

Good review of Cafe Pizzaiolo.

Sowing a Different Tomorrow
Washington Post
Article about Arlington's trees, including it's free tree give away.

Washingtonian's Annual 100 Best Bargain Restaurants

I can't find an online link for this (anyone out there, got one?), but someone sent this info along to me:

Arlington restaurants claimed 13 listings in Washingtonian’s annual 100 Best Bargain Restaurants.

A “cheap eat” is defined by the Washingtonian as a meal for two under $55, including tax and tip…and “at some places, staying within the Cheap Eats budget means abandoning the notation that three courses make a meal.” (Personally, I'm not sure I would claim under $55 as necessarily cheap!)

Arlington winners include: 1. Bangkok 54 – also winner of best tofu dish 2. Bebo Trattoria – also winner of best doughnuts for their bomboloni 3. Costa Verde 4. Delhi Club 5. EatBar 6. El Pike (Pike Pizza) 7. El Pollo Rico 8. Guajillo 9. Minh’s – also winner of best Vietnamese pork dish 10. Moby Dick House of Kabob 11. Pho 75 12. Ravi Kabob House 13. Thai Square

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Blogger Miles said...

I've always been confused about the definition of "cheap eats" as well. If you say cheap eats in Arlington, the first places that come to mind are California Tortilla and Lost Dog Cafe. They're not in the same league as EatBar, but they're not trying to be.

3:17 PM

Blogger Eric said...

I completely agree - how can you not include Lost Dog on best cheap eats? $55 is not cheap! Perhaps we should do our own cheap eats poll here.

3:19 PM

Blogger Googla Monster said...

Shirlington doesn't have a Metro stop, but it many ways it is better than Clarendon.

12:07 AM


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