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Friday, June 15, 2007

7 Things to Get You Through the Weekend

  1. Sing the blues at the Columbia Pike Blues Festival - as featured in What's Up Arlington! - check out some great blues, Sunday, June 17, Noon - 6 PM.

  2. Picnic and live outdoor dance performance (this is a great date!). Check out Bowen McCauly Dance at Lubber Run Amphitheatre. Grab some food from Cassat's at the amphitheatre before the show, make your picnic and enjoy the evening.

  3. Get yourself some culture! Check out Mongolian-born pianist Nasanbayr Shuree Ayurgina for an evening of both Mongolian music and Western classical music. Here's a bit from the press release that sounds interesting:
    In addition to Shuree’s artistry on the piano, audiences also will be captivated by the Mongolian tradition of guttural “overtone singing” or Khoomij. A common feature of Siberian peoples as well as the Kazakhs, and various tribes from central Asia, these songs are commonly performed during social events. The Mongols call their overtone singing hoomij (throat, pharynx). The singer creates a constant pitch base note (a kind of ‘drone’), at the same time modulates selected overtones to create a second harmonic stream of notes. The two techniques represented in this concert will be kharkhira (lung) and tovonkhiin (throat) singing. Vocalists use their mouth, teeth, tongue, throat, nose and lips to vary sound and timbre, always maintaining two distinct tones simultaneously.

  4. Warm up that softball swing and get that team together. Registration for Arlington Athletic and Social League softball ends Thursday, June 21.

  5. Ride your bike or ride a tike at Crystal City Classic. Join one of the amateur races or watch some well-known Arlingtonians make fools of themselves in the tricycle race. Saturday, June 16.

  6. Lend a hand. Meet cool people with the CRM Community Residences Clean-Up.

  7. Be the art. Feel the art. Save the Planet.
    CO2LED is a temporary public art project commissioned by Arlington Cultural Affairs as part of the 2007 Planet Arlington World Music Festival. Developed by artists Butch Anthony, Robert Gay and Jack Sanders, the project will be comprised of special plantings ad solar powered LED atop nearly 1,000 poles. This swarm of color and light will be visible night and day at the traffic island just north of Meade Street Bridge and adjacent to Dark Star Park in Rosslyn, and at various satellite locations around the County, beginning in mid-June and continuing through Labor Day. Installation will begin June 6 and will take about 10 days.

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