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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Upton Hill Upgrades: Big New Waterslides and a Big Question

I went to Upton Hill Regional Park on Saturday night with The Green Girlfriend for a round of mini-golf and a few swings in the batting cages. Upton Hill is advertised as the world's longest mini-golf course. For the record, she beat me at golf and took better swings in the cages.

We bought a mini-golf 10-game season pass, which will give us ten rounds for the price of six ($38). We noticed a picture of big waterslides on the scorecard, prompting The Green Girlfriend to ask, "I wonder what park has those?"

Then we got to the 5th hole and realized we were less than 100 yards from them. The mini golf course is built around a big hill, and we got a nice view of the new waterslides, apparently installed over the winter.

Admission to the pool and slides is $7.50, but only $4.50 if you want to slip over for a quick dip after work. But you'd have to do it early in the evening as they close at 7pm.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you much more about the new waterslides. Even though they've apparently been open since Memorial Day, you can't find much information about them or any pictures of them on the Upton Hill's website. The waterpark's page still says "Information Coming Soon!"

Much as I enjoyed seeing the new additions, the more I thought about them, the more they raised a big question:

If I haven't heard about the park's renovations, who has?

I go to Upton Hill often, buying a mini-golf season pass every year and using the batting cages regularly. I've also paid my way into the pool. I write at two different Arlington blogs. I'm also chair of Arlington County's Community Role Models program, designed to strengthen the bond between Arlington young professionals and their community.

Yet if I hadn't had a hankering for mini-golf, I would have no idea this new offering was right down the street.

Was there any kind of kick-off event? A Google News search turns up nothing on the waterslides.

Look, I'm not saying I should get a phone call from the County Board Chair and Governor every day to get debriefed on the latest Arlington happenings. But are the county and the regional park authority missing a golden opportunity to tell Arlington residents, "We have more to offer than just the bars of Ballston and Clarendon"?

UPDATE: Here's a Washington Post article on the renovations! Thanks to reader Daniel for catching this, I was out of town this weekend and missed it!



Blogger Daniel said...
Ran on Sunday. So they did announce it. (the only reason I know is that by rare occurance (for me lately) I actually read the Sunday Post....)

5:11 PM


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