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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tonight: CRM Celebration in Clarendon

The annual CRM Celebration will take place tonight (Wednesday July 11th) at 7:30pm at Eleventh in Clarendon! It's a chance to thank people who've volunteered with Community Role Models over the last year, as well as a welcoming party for people thinking about joining.

This year CRM has special reason to celebrate. The organization just registered its 1,000th member! Considering the group has only been around for three years, that's quite an accomplishment.

If you've heard about CRM and have wanted to learn more, this is your chance to meet the people involved before you make any commitment. It's important to make sure any group you volunteer with is a good fit socially. Because really, there are plenty of volunteer options out there, so why would you give your time an organization if you don't like the people involved?

There will also be information available on upcoming volunteer activities like the Ballston Beaver Pond Cleanup on July 28th, AHC Family Fun Day on August 18th, and the 9/11 5K on September 8th.

Eleventh is on N. Highland St near the corner with Washington Blvd (across the street from Mister Days), about a block from the Clarendon Metro station.

If you plan on stopping by, please RSVP here!

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