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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 Ways to Get Outside when it's Hot, Hot, Hot!

In the words of the great Buster Poindexter, it's hot, hot, hot. I mean, it's brutally hot. And then that chance of afternoon thunderstorms come rollling in it seems like every night.

Man, I love summer! Seriously, I do.

I was just out in Southern California for a friend's wedding. Perfect weather, right? Yeah, it's like 70-80 degrees year around and (supposedly) sunny. But it's summer. It should be hot. 70 to 80 - that's not hot. Plus, L.A. has all that nasty smog - I know our air is not perfect, but geez that smog is nasty.

That being said, I know there are times when it's just too hot to be outside - but that doesn't mean you can't/ shouldn't - there is still a lot to do outside.

  1. Check out the new pool at Upton Hill Regional Park

  2. Play tennis - under the lights when it's cooler. Click here for a list of Arlington tennis courts.

  3. Take a hike at Potomac Overlook Regional Park

  4. Check out an evening concert at Lubber Run Amphitheatre

  5. Take a "cool" walk, like one around Clarendon or checking out Arlington's history.



Blogger gwadzilla said...


two inside options

1-mid day movie

2-indoor ice rink

outside options...

1-swimming pool

2-just deal with it

9:14 PM


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