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Friday, July 13, 2007

Arlington News You Care About

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Eating Around: New Pizza Options in D.C., Va.

Washington Post’s Express hails the new pizza ovens at Roberto Donna’s Bebo Trattoria in Crystal City. The ovens took a week to heat up!

More Flights at National?

I think normally I wouldn't find this that interesting, but I just schlepped out to Dulles for my last flight - what a pain! Of course, I understand the reasons for not wanting more flights at National, I'll never call it Reagan, as well.

Great Dates/Great Art

This exhibit seems to be getting a lot of buzz, and I thing it sounds pretty cool as well.

Here's a video clip from WETA and a nice article in the Post

Environmental Cabs?

I've heard there was this movement for more hybrid cabs, but I don't realize there was this whole environmental cab company. Interesting.



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