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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Upcoming: Living Green in Arlington, Plus Why I Feel Like the Lorax

In my volunteer work, I often end up feeling like the Lorax. But instead of speaking for the trees, I'm asked to speak for every Arlingtonian under 40.

At Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment events, there's a huge disparity in demographics between different types of gatherings. When I'm helping out at a service project like Saturday's Four Mile Run Watershed Cleanup, the crowd will be evenly spread between kids, young adults, and older folks.

But when it comes to anything that even vaguely involves the word "meeting," the demographic immediately skews older. It's a shame because it's at those events, be they committees, panels, or group discussions, that decisions are made for all ages. Once at a planning meeting for Neighborhood Day, an entire room full of people turned to me and say, "So what would get you people to the parade?"

Things end up being more kids-and-family-friendly than young-and-active-friendly -- face-painting instead of pint-raising.

That's why I'm making a special pitch here on What's Up for readers to attend ACE's upcoming event, "Living Green in Arlington: Renewable Energy, Clean Water, and Buying Responsibly." It will take place on Thursday March 15th from 6:30 to 9:30pm at the NRECA Building (4301 Wilson Blvd. near Ballston Metro).

This year we have two big special guests: Arlington County Board Chair Paul Ferguson and NBC4's Wendy Rieger. Paul has made headlines this year for spearheading Arlington's Fresh AIRE program, and Wendy hosts a series of reports called "Going Green" as well as The Green Room blog.

After remarks from Paul, Wendy, ACE Executive Director Elenor Hodges, and ACE Board Chair Me, Paul will moderate a panel discussion featuring Scott Sklar (The Stella Group), Don Waye (U.S. EPA) and Monique Tilford (
Center for a New American Dream).

We'll also have a special offer for people who become ACE members at the meeting and have lots of information about ACE's Green Living Challenge (which actually gives special credit to apartment and condo dwellers).

Oh, and as I always follow the advice of Eric "You'll Get More People If You Say Punch & Pie!" Cartman, we'll also have refreshments thanks to a generous donation from Whole Foods. Hope to see you there!

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