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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Falling Down on the Job

A few posts ago I mentioned that there would be some upcoming changes to this blog. Specifically, I would expand my focus beyond just things I've done, to include things that are coming up to do.

Well, old habits die hard I suppose, and I totally forgot to post about some really cool things that were happening this past weekend. Hopefully, you also subscribe to the What's Up! e-newsletter and were in the loop, but if not, I apologize. Specifically, I wanted to mention the Haunted House at Lubber Run Center and the Marine Corp Marathon Festivals.

And, of course, to compound matters I wasn't able to go to either of these events. Saturday I was out of town and Sunday I teach tennis lessons most of the day and then Sunday evening, I went to the DC United playoff game.

So, ...If anybody out there made it to either of these events, please leave a comment and let us know how it went - or if you're feeling like you have a lot to say, I can hook you up with a guest blog.


Blogger Mike said...

I checked out the haunted house because I was looking for a Halloween activity for my seven-year-old daughter and her eight-year-old friend, and the rain kept us away from Boo at the Zoo the night before. (I found out about the haunted house here, in fact.) But our visit didn't last long -- it was too damn scary for kids their age. And maybe for kids my age. They begged to leave after just the first room, where a scary-as-shit clown waved a dismembered leg at them. And the people who took our money wouldn't grant a refund. I guess I can't blame them. A woman who witnessed our departure said she'd warned us, but unfortunately, I hadn't heard her.

I wish the Lubber Run website had had some information about the house -- it didn't -- because I'd tried to find out whether it was appropriate for kids their age. But I had no help. Ah well.

1:04 AM

Blogger Eric said...

Thanks for your feedback. I think that's definitely a fair critque. The County website definitely needs some work . I'll make sure and share this with the folks who ran the haunted house. Thanks.

4:20 PM


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