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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Arlington Biking on You Tube!

Maybe I'm just a big geek (comments from the peanut gallery not necessary), but I think this is really cool.

There are two new videos on YouTube about bike riding in Arlington. The videos were produced by my good friends over at BikeArlington so I have to give some props to them. I think they did a real nice job. It's not super exciting or anything, but they're nicely done. Although they do make me lament the upcoming winter. I like summer! How about a video about how to bike in the winter without freezing my rear end off?

Anyways, the first video is titled "My mind is relaxed, I don't worry about work" and the second one, "On the trail, nobody's honking behind you." -- (OK, I don't think that's exactly true, not honking exactly, but just dinging those little bells). Check it out, it's kind of fun to see Arlington bike trails.

Oh, and just out of curiosity I did a YouTube search for Arlington, VA and got 55 hits - looks like there is some other Arlington stuff out there.

And one last thing, while we're on the subject. My commuter page friends also just unveiled their own blog. Good reading, especially if you're in to transportation issues.

See you on the trails! It's a nice day for it today.


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