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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ropes Course

I can never think of a clever way to start these things. I generally start with something to the effect of "So, this weekend ...". Hmm, I need a more clever topic sentence. OK, I've got it ...

Hurtling down 400 feet, suspended only by a thin wire, perilously crossing a canyon with only two-by-fours to help, and leaping 12 foot walls in a single bound, and not be left out, joining in a rousing rendition of "Three Blind Mice ... see how they run ..." -- these were just a few of the fun things that a group of 20-somethings in Arlington participated in this weekend.

What, you ask, could possible have all these elements? The answer - A ropes and intitiative course in nearby Middleburg, VA - a trip organized by Arlington Parks & Recreation.

So, you ask, how do I sign-up for something like this?

And here, I have to apologize, because I'm going to tease a little bit.

The initiative is called XY Arlington: Activities for 20s, 30s and Friends and it's coming, coming soon. What is XY Arlington? Well, it's a lot of different things - ropes courses, bike rides, hikes, indoor picnics at art galleries - mostly it's just fun! And it's designed for you! You, who live, work, and play iin Arlington. You who are young, and full of life, energy, and looking for fun.

How do you stay in the loop, you ask? I'm glad you did. Keep reading this blog - there will be more information here, and if you're not already, subscribe to the What's Up Arlington! e-newsletter. There will be more information there too.

It's coming very soon, I promise. Right now, we're testing a few small activities - like the ones I mentioned to see what kind of interest there is. We're also working on some of the internal things - like an online registration system. But it's coming. And when it comes, it's going to be FUN! Oh, so much FUN!


Blogger Miles said...

Ummm ... as much fun as it looks to be dangling high above the forest floor ... I think I'll stick to hiking. My idea of being adventurous is trying a dish I can't pronounce at an Indian restaurant :)

6:48 PM


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