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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Arlington Goes Wireless - WooHoo!

I want my wi-fi! I want it everywhere!

Arlington is going wireless -- all of Arlington. The County just announced that it has selected Earthlink to provide wi-fi throughout the County. Now I can access my wi-fi anywhere - at parks (my personal favorite location), on the tennis courts, in my car (OK, probably not a good idea) - everywhere!

Today you can access wi-fi at Central Library, Shirlington Library, and Courthouse Plaza. Tomorrow, the world -- OK, just Arlington.

I'm so excited!

I'm not sure how long this will take to put the infrastructure in, but as soon as I hear something, I'll update this post ... if only, I was in a park writing this post, how much better would that be?

P.S. - You can't see it, but the message on the laptop says "No wireless connection found" --ahh, how nice it will be to not see that message.


Anonymous Coeus said...

I'm not sure if you read the fine print, but it looks like it will be a pay service. Earthlink has rolled out similar services to other communities, all of them pay. Now if only we could get free wireless...

4:55 PM

Blogger Eric said...

Yes, it will be pay service - and free would be nice - but I have to pay for my wireless service now (despite my best efforts to milk off my neighbors) - at least I'll be able to get in everywhere

4:57 PM


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