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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Running the Trails: How to Find a Great Run in Arlington

What happened to our nice warm spring weather? It's cold outside and it's supposed to stay that way for the next several days. Yuck! I want my spring back!

Remember those nice warm days? On Tuesday, I decided to take advantage of that wonderful warm weather (ahh .. the memories). So I left my office in Shirlington and hopped on the Four Mile Run trail for a quick little 20 minute jog. After briefly following Arlington Mill Drive, I slipped behind the trees behind Barcroft Park and in to the nice wooded area of the trail. It's a really nice run and I highly recommend it for a run, a walk, or a bike ride.

There are lots of good places to run and some good tools online to help you find a good route or to track your progress. Here are some of my favorites:

BikeArlington - focuses on bike rides, but a lot of the trails mentioned are great for running too.
Favorite Run - a good resource of running routes and tools to map your runs
WalkArlington -County maps and some good ideas for walks/runs.
Google Pedometer - an easy way to see how far you ran (Note: not that great for trails, but really good for road running)
USA Track and Field - lists over 400 running routes in Arlington (Hint: don't use the Route Rating feature - it severely limits your choices)
DC Road Runners Club - find a team, a workout, or a race
Alternative Running - information about trail running in Northern Virginia (not frequently updated)
Virginia Happy Trails Running Club - anyone crazy enough to run an ultra marathon?

This list isn't meant to be comprehensive, so feel free to add your add resources/favorite runs to the comments.

Now, let's bring that warm weather back. It makes for much nicer running.



Anonymous Angry Bike Guy GRRR said...

And don't forget to take your goddamn iPod headphones off or I'm going to actively start running your dumb asses down.

12:47 PM

Blogger Eric said...

Ouch! I don't totally disagree with the sentiment, but it seems a little harsh. The popular trails can be very crowded, and that's definitely a problem, but we've all got to use them. I'm not a headphone person myself, but understand the need. On the other hand, I do bike a lot and understand that opinion. What does everyone else think?

2:36 PM

Blogger Miles said...

I've heard of road rage, but trail rage? That's a new one.

2:56 PM


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