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Friday, April 06, 2007

Arlington County Hits YouTube

Local and state governments are not exactly renown for being on the cutting edge of technology. If you want a Virginia drivers license, you still have to stand in line for 5 hours at the DMV.

But Arlington has done exceptionally well in making its older departments more tech-friendly, like the self-service kiosks at the Arlington Central Library.

Now Arlington County has made the great leap forward into the world of YouTube, offering dozens of clips on county agencies and programs. Here's one of the better ones, former County Board Chair Chris Zimmerman reviewing the board's Top Ten Accomplishments of 2006:

Other good ones: The Fresh AIRE climate blog promo and Adopt-a-Pet.

You can subscribe to the Arlington Virginia Network's YouTube clips here!

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Blogger Googla Monster said...

There should be one about people's bicycles fall off Metro buses and nobody giving a damn.

11:00 PM


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