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Friday, March 09, 2007

We Don't Love You so Much Anyway!

Despite recently joining Team WUA and the What's Up! Blog, the Green Miles just reported on that other blog he does, that he'll "always love you best".

What's that about? I mean, I understand there's a place for both, but come on, how about sharing some love here? Move over Hatfield and McCoys, I sense a feud in Team WUA land.

With that being said, I grudgingly admit that he's got a good post up on an upcoming event - the ACE Four Mile Run Clean Up. You can read it by linking here. So if you're up for a little green activity before Fit Arlington tomorrow, I recommend it. Stream clean ups are a lot fun, and you really can see the difference you make.

But if you see the Green Miles, give him a dirty look or something.


Blogger Miles said...

The Hatfields vs. McCoys? Couldn't you at least come up with a rivalry reference from the last hundred years? How about the Red Sox vs. the Yankees? Biggie vs. Tupac? Paris vs. Nicole?

I kid. Don't worry, just give me a little time, I'll get used to the new digs at Team WUA. But it's hard to go from a solo act to a team -- just look what happened when Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage tried to team up back in '91. Fortunately, our proven track record of partnership on last year's July Jam means this team won't end with someone getting a steel chair to the head!

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