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Monday, March 12, 2007

Review: Fit Arlington Kick-Off -- I Had a Blast!

What a beautiful day to be outside Saturday! Wow. The weather was supposed to be fairly nice - mid to upper 50s, but it turned out to be absolutely wonderful.

I had a blast at the recent Fit Arlington kick-off celebration. I ran the tennis station and we had a steady stream of kids and we played a lot of games and just generally had a lot of fun on a beautiful day.

The event was much more kid and family focused, so I'm not sure I would really recommend it unless you have kids. There were some free exercise classes, but they were indoors, and tended to be mostly parents.

That being said, if not this particularly event, I do highly recommend the concept behind Fit Arlington - promoting fitness. I'll spare you some boring scientific explanation of why being fit is good - what I will say is it's fun and you feel better.

So, look for more Fit Arlington activities. But more than that, look for any chance to be active.



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