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Monday, September 11, 2006

Being Caribou

Forgive the redundancy, but I'm addicted to this whole "Films in the Forest" thing. This past Friday I headed over to Long Branch Nature Center to check out Being Caribou. Friday's showing turned out an even bigger crowd than Whale Rider from a couple of weeks ago, although I would say the age tilted slightly older than the Whale Rider showing. For me, I would say that's because a Friday, 7:00 showing can be a bit difficult to get to, but maybe there are other reasons. But there was a really good crowd, and a fair number of 20s/30s somethings who came out as well, some of which brought their picnic dinner with them. (Sorry, I digress)

Anyway, I'm not sure I have anything to say about the Films in the Forest series that I haven't previously said. It's a fabulous setting and a really fun event.

Being Caribou was a cool film - a good environmental film that was surprisingly funny at times. It definitely could have used Morgan Freeman as the narrator, (see March of the Penguins), but then, what film couldn't use Morgan Freeman! The story telling rambled a bit, and I didn't learn as much from the film as I wanted, but the photography, or I guess that is cinematography was absolutely gorgeous and well-worth the price (FREE) of admission.

Unfortunately, there are no more "Films" scheduled this year. With the good turnouts, though, I'm hoping this will become a regular feature next summer.


Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for the review -- this sounds cool, and I'm sorry I missed the films. BTW, Morgan Freeman narrated Penguins -- James Earl Jones was probably on Vader duty that day...

3:46 PM

Blogger Eric said...

Thanks for the correction Mike!

3:51 PM


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