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Monday, March 09, 2009

New Bar Rumored to Open in Courthouse on Friday

Quick heads up that my spies tell me Velocity Five is opening up on Friday. Eagle-eyed What's Up Arlington readers will remember it's going in at the spot formerly occupied by King Street Blues.

Note to Velocity Five - the Green Lantern called, he wants his logo back.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL @ the green lantern comment.

4:01 PM

Blogger melc3 said...

Anyone know if this location is also smoke-free? (their website says the one in Falls Church is...)

9:17 PM

Blogger Ben said...

That is quite possibly the worst logo that I have ever seen. Hopefully, the place itself will make up for it.

8:15 PM

Blogger Googla Monster said...

Has this blog been abandoned or is nothing new happening in Clarendon these days?

12:05 PM

Blogger Eric said...

Hi Googla Monster - not completely abandoned, but struggling to keep up at the moment

1:28 PM


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