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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye to the Blues, Ray's Relocates

I'm sorry to confirm the news first reported on Twitter by @jamiebowers that King Street Blues in Courthouse has suddenly closed. A sign on the door doesn't give an explanation for the closing but says something called the Velocity Sports Grill will be opening in that location.

If history is any indication, that may not last long either. Just since 2002, that spot has switched from RT's Seafood to M&S Seafood to KSB and now to Velocity.

But the void in Courthouse dining options is already being filled by the new location of an Arlington favorite. As We Love DC reports, Ray's the Steaks has re-opened just across Clarendon Blvd from the former KSB.

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Blogger Scott Burns said...

You missed Music Box, which was open in the RT's space between M&S Seafood and KSB. I think it lasted just a few months.

8:07 PM

Blogger Elissa said...

I think the problem is that non-noticeable location. I would like to see the Courthouse plaza revitalized. It's like a pale, sanitized, peopleless shadow of a European square. It could be a great destination, but not with the current mix of stores and restaurants.

4:26 PM


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