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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recession Hits Sugar Daddies, Gold-Diggers Hardest

I still can't figure out if this article is satirical or genuine -- and by "genuine" I mean genuinely and completely out-of-touch.

This line sums it up: "In the end, he said, a loving relationship should be able to thrive without the rib-eye steak and Moet."

Wow. I guess love really can conquer all.


Blogger Elissa said...

I am so glad you were also perplexed by this article. I was so irritated by it. I really can't say I'd be happy if a guy I started dating told me:
"A large aspect of my life -- three out of the first five conversations that we had -- I told her, 'You're not going to see much of me in the next 15 years if we start dating, because I'm going to be making a lot of money.' "

I would respond, well, you're not going to see much of me in the next 15 years, because we are not going to start dating.

4:23 PM

Anonymous Scott said...

Ha, I love the title of this post.

I definitely feel weird reading stuff like this. The people seem so blue-blood to me. For starters, I'm unlikely to date a "traditional" girl who insists I pay for every dinner since in my mind that's an unequal relationship.

But moving back in with your mom at 27? Yikes. If it can happen to an investment banker, I guess it can happen to any of us.

4:04 AM

Anonymous Sharon said...

WOW. That article is ridiculous. And it reinforces my desire to start a regular feature on cheap dates in Arlington. My boyfriend and I are definitely the experts on cheap dates and we always split the check. Money is the most likely thing to break up a relationship, so I don't think the people quoted in the story are going to have much luck with long term loving relationships. How sad.

1:50 PM


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