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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Is There a Stereotypical "Arlington Girl"?

Want to get a conversation going at happy hour tonight? Ask your friends if they think there's such a thing as an Arlington Girl.

My thoughts? While it's a clever try, unfortunately this definition is just too generic - it could be describing a yuppie woman just about anywhere. The Rock Bottom reference feels like a Mad Lib where the blank was "popular happy hour spot."

And why is it limited to females? Couldn't you just as easily poke fun at the "Arlington Dude" with the half-zip pullover, jeans, and flip-flops who goes to Crystal City Sports Pub to watch Hokies games?

What do you think?

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Anonymous L said...

Que va! (How ridiculous). I am an Arlington girl and none of those descriptions apply to me. From Northern California, went to school in California, am not preoccupied with finding a husband and I don't rely on my daddy to pay my bills or downpayment on a condo. It sounds like a guy wrote this and keeps getting passed over by Arlington girls. Totally insulting.

5:16 PM

Blogger ArlingtonNewcomer said...

way to get quoted in the Express Blog Log

2:28 PM

Blogger joshua said...

Hilarious. A shorter better description would be a 4 or a 5 that acts like a 8 or 9. But it's the dudes who make that happen...


2:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so... did you ever meet this Arlington girl?

11:39 PM

Blogger sldicicco said...

See above post for definition of "Arlington Dude"

5:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Arlington girl as well and have moved around a lot, I definately do not fit that urban dictionary description, I pay for everything by myself, and not a gold digger preoccupied with finding a husband. I agree with L very insulting to those of us who shouldn't be grouped in with that sterotype.

4:51 PM


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