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Monday, November 24, 2008

Staying in Town for Thanksgiving?

The Green Miles' family is based mostly in Massachusetts, and it didn't take very long into my time living in Arlington to realize that no matter if I drove, flew, or took the train, making the schlep north twice in a month - for both Thanksgiving and Christmas - made the holidays much less enjoyable.

This year I'm staying in town for Thanksgiving and heading to Massachusetts for Christmas. When I tell people I'm staying home for Thanksgiving, people usually look at me like I'm a lonely shut-in. A young professional recently wrote a Washington Post column portraying herself as some kind of pioneer for daring to spend her holiday in DC.

But the holidays in Arlington are among the most fun times of the year. Of course, Christmas brings lots of holiday lights and greatly reduced traffic. But a lesser-known fact is that the night before Thanksgiving is a huge party night -- anyone who's young, single, and staying in Arlington for Turkey Day will be found out in Clarendon, Shirlington, or Pentagon Row on Wednesday night.

My Wednesday night will end early this year as I'm waking up before dawn on Thanksgiving Day, volunteering to help with registration at the Arlington Turkey Trot. I'll then be running the 5K race through Lyon Park and Ashton Heights.

And of course, the 350 calories I burn while running the 5K will balance out the 3,000 calories I consume watching football ... right? OK, maybe not.

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