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Thursday, August 21, 2008

the hottest titles in town

I went to the Plaza Library the other day to get a library card and there on the shelf in front of me was the movie (Persepolis) which I had just gotten from Netflix. I could save money and start getting my movies here!

It turns out that the Arlington libraries are very current places with lots of new releases and wifi hot spots. Unfortunately the Plaza branch is only open during business hours, but the other branches stay open till 9 pm Mon/Tues/Wed and Central is open till 9 pm Sunday through Thursday!

In addition to a great selection of dvds, they of course have books and research databases but they also have Movie Screenings and special events!

For example, today at 1 pm they are screening Music and Lyrics and next Wednesday they are leading a discussion on Heath Ledger's films (also listed on What's Up Arlington Newsletter).



Blogger Bender said...

Yes that library has a surprising movie selection! But like you said, the hours make it inconvenient.a

2:03 AM


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