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Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you satisfied?

So, according to WTOP , the good citizens of Arlington County are way more satisfied with where they live and the services they receive than the rest of the world.

So, I want to know what you think?

Do you like living in Arlington? What do you like? Do you feel you receive good services from the County government?

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Anonymous bobArlington said...

A few years ago I was walking down my neighborhood, after dark, in the evening, going home after work. I came upon a man hole cover. The workers had replaced the man hole cover with one that was just too small. I stepped on it (not seeing it, it was after dark) - it flipped - I went down. Tore the hell out of my leg and my suit.

I took care of myself. It was just a flesh wound - although nasty. I contacted the County - and ask that my suit be paid for.

The County confirmed the man hole was improperly fitted. The County admitted guilt.

But instead of being concerned for its citizen, and offering to pay for the suit - they offered me something like $100. They stuck some county just-out-of-lawschool-and-doesnt-know-better and-gets-paid-for-winning-instead-of-justice lawyer on me.

It was a nice suit from Nordstrom. I did not ask for medical bills. I did not go to the emergency room. I did not call the police. I took care of it myself - mitigated costs - and simply asked for my suit to be replaced.

The lawyer refused.

So I would have to say NO I am not satisfied. The behavior of the County was unreasonable and irrational. I contacted the Board - they refused to talk to me. I wrote an editorial - no response. I did not take it to court as even the price of a suit is not worth the time it would have taken to litigate it.

I learned my lesson. Next time, go to the emergency room, document the injuries, rack up the charges, hire an attorney - and sue!

It was a ridiculous experience. Nothing like a personal one-on-one exchange with the guberment to sour your opinion.

1:49 PM


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