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Friday, July 18, 2008

(Cyber) Bar Fight at Murky Coffee!

If you haven't seen this around, (and you probably have), but you check this story out. What do you think? Crazy customer or bully barista?

There's not a great summer. You can just need to read the whole article.


Blogger The Green Miles said...

If you want your coffee bastardized, go to Starbucks. Their employees will serve your coffee in a paper bag with a cherry on top -- they don't know and don't care. Congrats to Murky for employing actual baristas with pride in their product!

6:08 AM

Blogger Gilahi said...

I simply cannot believe that this has been covered so widely, for so long, in so many blogs. I'm sure I've seen a dozen blog entries about it.

12:19 PM

Blogger Eric said...

I agree, but then it intrigues me when a random story has legs like this. Ah, the power of the Internet.

2:32 PM

Anonymous bobArlington said...

First I've seen of it. Course I am only online 20 hours per day - could easily miss it. I hate to say it but SHEEEZE! I make special orders all the time - if the shop doesnt fulfill it, I dont go back a second time (and it is amazing how many of those go out of business -- OH WAIT Murky Coffee DC did shut down). Murky Coffee Arlington is pale shadow of the former Common Grounds. I use to go to Common Grounds every friday evening, order my refillable decaf coffee, and take over a table with my laptop for hours. Now there was a place that deserved my $1.52 per two hours of business!

3:14 PM

Blogger Eric said...

so what coffee shops in Arlington do people like?

3:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

common grounds was awesome.

2:37 AM

Anonymous jujubee said...

i think murky sucks, and i wish c.g. was still around. this nightmare customer went overboard, true. his reaction was inappropriate but his anger made sense. murky doesn't care about the "integrity" of their product. they care about being right. they think there is one way to do everything, and imho they're more pretentious than starbucks- and btw, cut starbucks employees a break- do you know how much they're earning an hour?

if you have solid barista skills and you apply with murky, they consider you useless because they presume they can't inculcate you with their coffee dogma. enough of the barista with attitude- give me a break. murky- and apparently some of their customers- need to lighten up.

well, maybe i do too, but why are there so few metro-accessible caffeinated hang-out options around here, besides the default!?

11:40 PM


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