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Thursday, June 26, 2008

To Putt or Not to Putt

The disussion has been going on for a while now, and it sill seems to be going on.

Will there be a putt putt golf course in Ballston?

According to the Sun Gazette, planning is continuing, but several key groups including the Washington Capitals and the Ballston-Virginia Square Partnership. are against it.

So, here's my question for you: what would you like to see at that spot at the corner of Ballston Mall? Putt-Putt or something else?

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Blogger Bender said...

I love minigolf and a putt-putt in Ballston would be great, even if there is another course nearby on Wilson.

Where exactly would it be located?

4:52 PM

Blogger The Green Miles said...

At this point, I almost don't care what goes in. How long is it going to be a bare patch before the county does something -- anything? The mini-golf course is a great idea, but here we are three years later and still nothing. If the county doesn't want to do that (or can't make it work financially), do something else. Putt or get off the green! :)

2:18 PM

Blogger The Green Miles said...

Bender, it would be at Glebe and Randolph across the street from the Mercedes dealership & Harris Teeter

4:07 PM

Blogger Icon O. Classt said...

Funny, there used to be a miniature golf course in Balston in the late belonged to Mario's Pizza House.

3:41 PM


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