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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Arlington Way

So, I am new to Arlington, and I hope in my posts to share a newcomer’s perspective on Arlington.

First, my background - I am a young professional who moved here, to the “big city”, for a better job and greater possibilities for career advancement. Like everyone else...

I moved here from a small city that considered itself very progressive and on the cusp of doing great things. I worked for the County government there and they liked to talk about “the County way”. I came to understand the “County way” to be a euphemism for entrenched bureaucracy and nonsensicalness.

When I started work for the Arlington County government recently I was disappointed to hear there was also an “Arlington Way”.

At orientation I had the opportunity to meet County Manager, Ron Carlee and he described the Arlington Way as being the doctrine that “each person has a chance to be heard”. Now that is progressive and a great motto for a County actively working towards great things.

What do you think? Is the Arlington Way alive and well or just a turn of phrase? Is this doctrine a good one?

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