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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review: 7 Reasons the new Shirlington Library Makes Me Happy

The new Shirlington library finally opened this past weekend. For those of who live or work nearby, we rejoice. Here's why it makes me happy:

  1. It's so close to my office. When I want a book or CD, I just go online, put a hold on it, have it delivered to the Shirlington branch and then just walk over and pick it up when it's ready.

  2. The space is so bright and colorful and open. It just makes you happy.

  3. Lots of new computers - honestly, with my office so close, I don't need them, but there' s just something about seeing lots of nice computers that makes for good space.

  4. Wireless high speed Internet.

  5. It's a lot bigger than the old Shirlington library - 3 X the size to be exact.

  6. Java friendly - you can relax in the space, read, and have your coffee too.

  7. It's "green-ish" - the new building incorporates several green elements and the County is in the process of applying for Leed Certification. (BTW - if you are interested in Green issues, I highly recommend The Green Miles [shameless plug for fellow WUA writer)

So that's why the new Shirlington Library makes me happy. What about you?

Photo by Flikr user SDuffy.



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